About the Watertown Soccer Club

The Watertown Soccer Club was established in 1995 by a handful of individuals, in hopes to form a competitive soccer club in the city of Watertown.  The founders accomplished their goal and the club is now competitive with the largest Soccer Clubs in the state of Wisconsin, without the hefty price tag.


In 2018, the Board of Directors decided it was time to revamp the entire Club.  The first thing the Board did was look at the city of the Watertown and determine what members of the club were truly proud of in our community. The Board determined the Octagon House was an important reflection of what the city of Watertown stands for.  The Octagon House was built by John and Eliza Richards in 1854, which approximates a circle, providing the greatest utilization of space. In its time the Octagon House was very progressive, including central heating, running water and a ventilation system. The Watertown Soccer Club logo is now in the shape of an Octagon to pay respect to the progressive thinking and the use of space John Richards had imagined.


The circular swirl within the logo represents the continuing education the club provides through the participation as a Soccer Player, Referee, Coach and even as a Board Member.  The city of Watertown started this transition when it established America’s First Kindergarten.  In 1856, Margarethe Meyer Schurz, brought all she learned about children education from our hometown Hamburg, Germany.  She opened a school known as a “children’s garden”, aka a “Kindergarten”.


The Watertown Soccer Club is very proud of their history and through their history the Board is able to provide a club that our members can be proud of.


A portion of this wording is from, www.watertownhistory.org.