Which Program is Best for My Family

The city of Watertown offers two very different soccer programs, which often makes the decision of “Which program is best for my family?” a difficult one.  As a family you will have to decide which program is best for your child, the program provided by the Watertown Park and Recreation and/or the Watertown Soccer Club.   


Watertown Park and Recreation

The Watertown Park and Recreation provides several training programs throughout the year and Club highly recommends these programs.  In the winter months the Park and Recreation opens up Saturday trainings as well as Indoor Soccer games at a gym in the Watertown area.

The Fall and Spring seasons are designed to introduce young players to the sport of soccer, starting from Kindergarten through 8th grade.  Due to the numbers of registered players 5th through 8th grade players will be combined and formed at Co-Educational team.  Coaches are made up of Parents and/or Players from High School soccer teams, in order to keep costs relatively low. All of the games will be played in the Watertown area, generally at Brandt Quirk fields.


Watertown Soccer Club

The Watertown Soccer Club provides indoor training during the week for any players that may want to play soccer throughout the winter months. The trainings are led by Brazilian Coaches in order to ensure development through the same teaching technique received by youth clubs in Brazil.

The Fall and Spring seasons are design to develop young players from 3rd grade through High School for those players/families that want a more competitive environment.  Kids will play within their birth year and placed at the appropriate level based on experience and/or skill.  The teams are headed by licensed Coaches, whom are required to have a minimum of 2 practices per week for 1.5 hours per session.  The games are played over the weekends within the MAYSA district (Madison Area).  All home games will be played in Watertown; each team has 8 games per season, of which half of them are home games.  The cost of registration is more than the Park and Recreation, but you will be provided many more benefits:

1. Licensed Coaches

2. Fall and Spring Season – 16 Games

3. Two practices per week (1.5 hours per session)

4. New Uniforms every two years ($90 Value)

5. One week of Training provided by Brazilian Trainers ($100 Value)

6. Winter Training Sessions