Each competitive team shall have a head coach who will be submitted to the Board by the Director of Coaching for approval. To qualify for a position as a competitive coach, a candidate must:

  • Submit a coaching application to the WSC Director of Coaching no later than May 15th.
  • Be at least twenty‐one (21) years of age.
  • Have expressed a commitment to devote the time required to coach a team for a full seasonal year; approximately three to six hours of training per week, league games and tournaments.
  • Agree to follow the philosophy, policies and procedures of the Watertown Soccer Club.
  • Be familiar with the laws of the game and abide by them.
  • Be committed to improving the basic skills of the players as well as his/her knowledge and skills of the game.
  • Demonstrate a temperament toward others that is cooperative, understanding, and tolerant, especially under adverse conditions.
  • Have demonstrated an attitude of positive sportsmanship throughout his/her coaching career.

Each competitive coach shall have the option to appoint an assistant coach who shall be approved by the Director of Coaching. To qualify for a position as an assistant coach, a candidate must:

  • Meet the coaching requirements mandated by WSC (listed above)
  • Assist at team practices and games
  • Direct team activities in the absence of the head coach

The WSC may waive particular requirements of those set forth above only if special circumstances prevail and with the approval of the Board of Directors.

Coaches must have a valid risk management card, otherwise the individual will be removed by the
Board. All WSC coaches and assistant coaches must have a signed coaching agreement on file with the Club and abide by the conditions of that agreement. Failure of any coach to abide by the signed agreement may result in suspension or termination of that coach from WSC. Coaching assignments are issued on a one‐year basis (fall and spring season). There shall be no limit to the number of years that a coach may participate in the WSC program, so long as s/he continues to uphold the ideals and the philosophy of the WSC program and to meet the basic selection of qualifications. At the end of the spring season, it shall be the responsibility of the Director of Coaching to complete an assessment of each coach and submit this report to the WSC Board of Directors.


The coach agrees to participate in at least two training sessions per week and be present at the league or tournament games involving their team. When a conflict arises, the coach will work with their team and club to arrive at an appropriate solution.

The coach will make a good faith effort to attend all coaches’ meetings, seminars, clinics and tryouts, which are established by the team and/or the club. It is the obligation of the coach to advise the team and/or club if an event cannot be attended.

Training sessions will be run in a positive, structured, professional manner, stressing soccer skills and tactics. The coach shall not address a player in a manner that could be considered inappropriate (demeaning discourse, use of vulgarity and/or yell or shout at a player in a manner unbecoming of a coach‐player relationship).

The coach is responsible for the actions of the assistant coaches, parents and team players, prior to, during and after each game, practice and club event. Coach agrees to uphold the Coaches Code of Conduct, as outlined below.

Coach shall ensure that all team players, parents read understand and sign the WSC Player and Parent Agreement. Furthermore, coach shall uphold and enforce the conditions and standards stipulated with the agreements. The signed agreements will be held by the Club electronically.

The coach is required to meet minimum standards established by WYSA. See chart below:

Coaches are required to continue to educate themselves via classes, research and/or obtaining a higher coaching license. The Director of Coaching may address and/or question a coach on how they have developed themselves in the last year; this conversation will take a pivotal role in recommending the coach to the Board of Directors the following year. WSC will reimburse the Coach any fees in receiving a higher coaching license,
assuming it is needed for the level the Coach is coaching. Coaches may receive the current registration fee at the end of the soccer season (July). In order to receive the fee, the Coach must do the following:

  • Meet with the Director of Coaching to review the year after the spring season.
  • Prove that the Coach continues to educate him or herself in the game of soccer, through research and/or obtaining a higher license.
  • Follow and support WSC policies and procedures.
  • Has no outstanding tournament/league fees owed to the Club.
  • The Board has final approval of all Coaches that receive the registration fee.

The Coach will report any unique incidents involving players, parents, and coaches of the team to the WSC Director of Coaching and/or President with 24 hours of the incident. The coach understands that a player will not be rostered to a team until the player has paid the clubs dues, or has been approved through scholarship.

Coaches are expected to conduct a survey of their coaching performance The Board recommends the survey be performed by an independent party. A survey will be conducted after the Spring season. Results will be shared with the Director of Coaching, Coach and the Board. (The Director of Coaching will be evaluated by the President at the end of the Spring Season and the review will be shared with the Board.)

Code of Conduct

Coaches are expected to be role models who project the spirit of the sport on and off the field. They are responsible for fairly applying the WSC, MAYSA and WYSA policies.

No coach shall use profanity or make derogatory remarks or gestures to a referee, parent official, player, parent, or spectator. A coach may never strike, shake, push, or otherwise physically assault any individual. Any coach found in violation of this provision will be immediately suspended, dismissed from the WSC club and the
appropriate authorities may be brought in to investigate the situation.

The Coaches Code is as follows:

  • Enthusiastically support, practice “everyone plays”, and positive coaching philosophies.
  • Be reasonable in your demands on the young players’ time, energy, enthusiasm and their performance on the soccer field.
  • Impress on your players that they must abide by the Laws of the Game at all times.
  • Develop team respect for the ability of opponents, and for the judgment of referees and opposing coaches.
  • Ensure that your players’ soccer experience is one of fun and enjoyment. Players should never be yelled at or ridiculed for any reason.
  • Set a good example and be generous with your praise when it is deserved. Children need a coach they can respect.
  • Do not publicly question referee’s judgment and never their honesty.
  • Enlist the support of your team’s parents in your efforts to instill the proper attitudes and values in the players, coaches are responsible for the conduct of their sideline.
  • Check equipment you use. It should meet safety standards and be appropriate for the age and ability of your players. Bring all safety issues concerning fields to the attention to the appropriate authority.
  • Follow the advices of a physician when determining when an injured child is ready to play again.
  • Select/carry a roster size consistent with MAYSA and WYSA policies.
  • Be a positive role model. Defuse, rather than inflate problems.
  • Respond to all Board correspondence within 48 hours.

WSC adopted a ZERO TOLERANCE response toward any coach or parent verbally abusing a referee before, during, or after a game. Specifically, referees have been instructed to take the following action:

  1. If possible, first warn the coach.
  2. Dismiss the coach from the game. WSC Coaches will be disciplined per WSC guidelines in the Coaches Code of Conduct.
  3. If the problem is larger than one or two people, especially if the problem involves both teams, then the referee is to terminate the match, leave, and report the issue in Game officials (referee software).
  4. Any coach that does not conform to the guidelines above, and/or exhibits ANY abusive behavior toward a player, parent, referee, coach, spectator, club official or any individual in or around a WSC activity. Misconduct will be treated as follows:
    1. First offense will result in a warning letter to the Coach
    2. Second offense will result in a ten day suspension. The ten days will make up ten regularly scheduled practices and/or games.
    3. Third offense will result in a lifetime ban. Per review from the Board, the Coach may be reinstated after a period of 24 months.
  5. The use of any controlled substances or alcoholic beverage at or in the vicinity of any WSC game related function is strictly prohibited.

Coaches understand that failing to uphold all guidelines and stipulations in their entirety as documented above may result in disciplinary actions against them, which could result in dismissal from WSC.

Complaint Procedure

If a Board Member, Coach or Member (Individual) has a reasonable cause to believe a Coach failed to abide by Coaches in the Coaches Code of Conduct; then that individual shall wait 24 hours after the incident. The individual shall attempt to discuss the incident with the Coach.

If the Individual did not resolve the issue with the Coach; then the individual has the right to contact a Board Member. The Board member shall bring the issue to the next Board Members meeting. If the complaint is time sensitive; then a special Board Meeting shall be conducted to find resolution prior to the regularly scheduled monthly board meeting. The Coach being accused shall be afforded an opportunity to explain the alleged
failure to Coaches Conduct in a closed‐door Board Meeting. The accuser of the Coach shall be afforded an opportunity to explain the accusation in a closed‐door Board Meeting. If, after hearing the member’s response and after making further investigation as warranted by the circumstances, the governing board or committee determines the member has failed to abide by Coaches Conduct, it shall take appropriate disciplinary and corrective action per guidelines listed above in the Coaches Code of Conduct.

Termination or Dismissal

The dismissal of any coach during the season, for just cause, may be made only by a majority vote of the WSC Board of Directors.

In the event a coach is removed from a team prior to the end of the season, the Director of Coaching shall recommend a replacement candidate to the WSC Board of Directors in an expedient manner in order to minimize the impact that the situation may have on a team.

In the event the Director of Coaching is removed from a team prior to the end of the season, the WSC Board of Directors shall recommend a replacement candidate in an expedient manner in order to minimize the impact that the situation may have on a team.